Electroboost level 5

An ElecroBoost tower will increase the effectiveness of other towers, the exceptions being ElectroSlow and ElectroBoost itself. The higher level the ElectroBoost tower, the greater the increase. Multiple ElectroBoosts can affect a single tower, and each ElectroBoost can affect all towers adjacent to it vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

At maximum, an ElectroBoost will increase a tower's effectiveness by 150%. Mathmatically, replacing the center tower of a 3x3 pattern with a maximum ElectroBoost is like gaining 12 towers, total 20 (8+1.5x8). Additionally, having a single tower surrounded by 8 ElectroBoosts is like gaining 12 towers, total 13 (1.5x8+1). The greatest effectiveness may be a 50% concentration of ElectroBoosts and attack towers. In a line, this produces the equivalent of up to 4 towers per pair (1 attack tower with 2 ElectroBoosts). 


Weapon type: lightning

Level Immediate Cost Total Cost Building Upgrading Time Boost
1 80 80 1 s 10%
2 80 160 2 s 20%
3 80 240 4 s 35%
4 80 320 8 s 45%
5 80 400 15 s 60%
M 500 900 45 s 150%


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  • Electroboost level 5

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